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Star Farm, an independent third-party food traceability company founded in 2007 by Metro China. It combines generally accepted international food safety standards into its own traceability system to monitor the whole value chain and make every step transparent. Customers can get the information from source to market by simply scanning the QR code on the packaging.
Star Farm allows customers to obtain high quality traceable products and can realize track back each process. Star Farm is committed to continuous improve the transparency of whole food value chain and truly makes the quality visible to customers.

What is Star Farm traceability system?

Star Farm is Metro's unique traceability system. It can record the whole course of food from source to market and it is the key to food risk management.
The traceability system can effectively control the source of the product, increase the transparency of the production process, distinguish the responsibilities of different production sections, control the product flow and realize the recall when food safety issues happen.

How to use

Open WeChat, scan the traceability code and then get the traceability information
Download Metro Official APP, scan the traceability code to get the traceability information
Follow METRO WeChat Official Account, scan the traceability code and then get the traceability information

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